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Raysa Enid Otero : CEO & Owner of Otero Financial

Like most of us,  I didn’t have the luxury of a formal financial literacy education growing up; nor was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  Instead, I grew up middle class, in a single parent household with a loving step father. Born in Puerto Rico raised in CT and MA Springfield, MA was finally home. This is where it all began. I transitioned to FL in 2013 with my ex-husband to build outside of our community seeking a better life for our son.

In 2017 after being recently divorced I hit rock bottom. On the verge of losing my home, car and everything, I had worked for due to the reduced household income I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. There was no way I could lose all that I worked for and the home I built for my son. My son is autistic , this change would have dramatically affected him. So I never gave up.

I worked full time . My commute round trip was two hours a day. 2017 was a year of trial and tribulation. In Oct 2017 as I sat at home scrolling through Facebook, I saw an ad that read “Credit Restoration – Let us help you remove negative items off your credit reports like bankruptcy “ . Well the ad had me there. I remember vividly looking at my score in the low 500’s after the bankruptcy and thinking this couldn’t be life.

Fast forward a bit, I met up with a powerful individual Xavier Marrero in Tampa, FL and he explained the credit restoration program. After talking for nearly four hours I feel “X” saw something in me he had never seen before. I was a natural born hustler and he recognized it. I decided to try the credit restoration process first although “X” was eager to have me on his team from inception. I needed to see results before coming on board.

After three months in the program, I saw powerful results, my bankruptcy filed in 2017 was deleted and many other negative items increasing my score.

At this time I was transitioning a huge move back home to Springfield, MA. As I drove up from FL to MA beginning my new journey back home I called ‘X” I said I’m ready to join your team. I can help my community and all my family and friends back home with this amazing program that changed my life.

I began studying about credit about how to increase my credit score.  Over time  I began to feel empowerment, my credit score was increasing and  I had credit once again.  Also had learned so many other benefits about finance. Dubbed the “Credit  Repair  Specialist”,  I am on a mission to increase the knowledge of financial literacy, credit education, finance in my community. I enjoy helping people, especially women, correct their past financial situations . Helping them move on to financial freedom and debt-free status. 

As the owner of, I help clients get bankruptcies,  late payments,  judgments, negative items removed from as little as 30-90 days.  

As my mentor says “A service to the people creates greatness” and this is my mission and success story. Let me help you become my next success story TODAY!

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A low credit score can keep you from the things you want. But did you know a low credit score can impact a lot more than just financing? Do the best thing you can do for your future. Call us today and let our experience save you time, money, and frustration. credit and debt counseling

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